Decorative concrete curbing is unique,
customizable and maintenance-free.
What will you create?

Your property is your showpiece; a reflection
of your distinctive style and a shining example
of pride of ownership. Enhance the natural beauty
and unique features of your landscape,
or accent an idyllic outdoor living space
with continuous concrete curbing
from The Cement Shop.

An artistic and functional solution to common
landscaping challenges, continuous concrete curbing
from The Cement Shop is the ultimate edging system.
With a variety of profiles, colours, textures and accents
to choose from, every curbing installation -
from flowerbed edging to driveway liners -
is a one-of-a-kind design.

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Solid concrete - As a continuous border, curbing is immune to the shifting, rotting, rusting, crumbling and weed/grass invasion that are common to traditional landscape edging systems installed in sections.

Maintenance-free - Curbing stays in place, and never requires adjustment, repositioning or replacement. The combination of mid-coarseness sand, Portland Cement (appropriate for our climate), fibre-mesh, and 1/8" braided wire cabling run through the centre of the curb, ensures your curbing is a valuable, long-term investment!

Customizable - Endless combinations of profiles, colours and patterns make curbing a truly original property enhancement.

Unique - Textured, coloured curbing can emulate many classic hardscape styles such as brick, stone, slate, etc.

Cost-effective - Curbing acts as a retainer for valuable bedding materials, and as a barrier against unwanted grass and weeds.

Quick & neat installation - Most jobs are easily completed within one day - with little or no mess.

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